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Ayn Rand on Conservatism

Ayn Rand on the Republicans (Hat Tip: HBL):

“The Conservative Party is not an American political party, it’s a religious party. That’s a phenomenon which is, strictly speaking, forbidden by the Constitution. You’re free to have any religion you wish; you’re forbidden to bring it into politics–i.e., to use it by force, to establish it by force, and force it on other people. There can be no such thing as a religious political party, but there is– only, not officially. All right, the best thing you can do for capitalism is to defend it against religion, because religion fundamentally, philosophically, theologically, is the thing that destroyed it the first place.

Protect capitalism as much as you can. And the only weapon there is intellectual. And protect it specifically from the conservatives.” [Q&A for lecture 7 of Leonard Peikoff’s “Philosophy of Objectivism” course, Nov. 9, 1976]

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