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Amber Heard – Obsessed with Ayn Rand’s Ideals

Johnny Depp’s fiancee Amber Heard is a huge Ayn Rand fan | The Daily Caller

Johnny Depp’s smoking hot, bisexual fiancee is a huge fan of Ayn Rand.

On Christmas Eve 2013, the A-list actor became engaged to Hollywood knockout Amber Heard, star of such films as Pineapple Express and Zombieland. Fans of both Heard and Depp may be surprised to learn that Heard has expressed a deep admiration for libertarian icon Ayn Rand, a sentiment shared by many members of the Tea Party.

Such a revelation would undoubtedly raise eyebrows in liberal Hollywood. While Heard’s bisexuality is hardly an issue for the entertainment industry, her enthusiasm for the work of Ayn Rand is anything but typical for such a popular film actress.

In 2007, Heard told USA Today that she was introduced to the writings of Rand by a boyfriend and became “obsessed with her ideals.” In true Objectivist form, Heard also said, “All I’ve ever needed is myself.”

Rand’s writings advocate ideas like smaller government and self-reliance — the very opposite of the progressive and collectivist ideals espoused by much of today’s Hollywood.

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