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Mayhew discusses humor in Ayn Rand’s popular novel, The Fountainhead, as displayed by the satire of Dominique Francon with the prevalence of the bad kind of “snarky” humor in today’s culture as dramatized by the villain in The Fountainhead, Ellsworth Toohey:

“Kill by laughter. Laughter is an instrument of human joy. Learn to use it as a weapon of destruction. Turn it into a sneer. It’s simple. Tell them to laugh at everything. Tell them that a sense of humor is an unlimited virtue. Don’t let anything remain sacred in a man’s soul—and his soul won’t be sacred to him. Kill reverence and you’ve killed the hero in man. One doesn’t reverence with a giggle. He’ll obey and he’ll set no limits to his obedience—anything goes—nothing is too serious.” — Ellsworth Toohey

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