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Objectivism’s Approach to Happiness (12 videos)

Onkar Ghate and Tara Smith join Dave Rubin to discuss the virtue of selfishness. This is the first in a series looking at Objectivism’s approach to Happiness.

The full list of topics covered in Objectivism on Happiness (Rubin Report episode list):

  1. Why Is Selfishness a Virtue?
  2. Do We Have Free Will?
  3. Tribalism vs. Enlightenment Culture
  4. Creating a Life Worth Living
  5. Grounding Morality in Facts
  6. Taking Your Happiness Seriously
  7. How to Fill Your Life with Meaning
  8. Truth, Objectivity and Self-Interest
  9. Why Ayn Rand Matters
  10. The Psychology of Happiness
  11. A Philosophy of Success
  12. Making Sense of Today’s Political Culture

You can view a playlist with all the videos.



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