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Journo: Tribalism and “Canceling” Ayn Rand

Writing in New Ideal, Elan Journo says that those who misrepresent, or outright distort Ayn Rand’s ideas represent a tribalist mindset:

What I want to show you — regardless of what you may already think of Rand, if you have a view at all — is that there’s a fundamental problem with these articles, a problem that negates their credibility. They’re not seeking to engage with facts, reach the truth, let alone convince any active-minded readers. Instead, they manipulate seemingly factual information for the sake of affirming and reinforcing a set of prejudices.

Some key points made by Journo include:

  • “It would be exceedingly odd for an intellectual or political movement to be uninterested in connecting with young people.”
  • “It’s a trivialization of Rand’s philosophy to take her appeal as exclusively about her advocacy of capitalism.”
  • “Sammon’s article is uninterested in convincing through facts” and logic. It’s advancing a particular slant, for the purpose of affirming certain prejudices.”
  • “Rand’s influence is multifaceted, it goes well beyond political issues, and it is unbounded by the conventional left-right framing.”

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