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Dave Rubin Should Read Ayn Rand

According to media personality, Dave Rubin, “Our Founders understood this which is why the Constitution didn’t grant us rights, it protected them. Rights are God-given, not man-given. Logic needs something eternal beneath it as [a] foundation.”

The idea that individual rights are either god-given or man-given is a false alternative.

Individual rights are neither mystic revelations (god-given) nor subjective creations (man-given). Rights, like the law of gravity, are objective principles identified by reason based on the facts of reality.

The “foundation” of logic is reality – that we perceive via our senses and identify and conceptually integrate by a process of logic.

For someone who claims to admire and have read Ayn Rand this should be obvious. Reading does not always equate with understanding or comprehension.

We recommend Mr. Rubin pick up a copy of Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, and turn to the chapters on reason (one’s only means of grasping reality), objectivity (the proper method of doing so-logic), and individual rights (principles required for a rational individual to live in a social context).

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