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HBTV: A New Weekly Series

From Harry Binswanger at HBL:

[The] Ayn Rand Centre of the UK is launching what we hope will be the first of a new weekly series, “HBTV.” It’s aimed at those unfamiliar with Ayn Rand and Objectivism. I.e., for “the top of the funnel,” if you know that metaphor.

The idea is to let my inner contrarian out, and be as provocative and challenging as I want. I’m saving the best ideas for episodes (like “God is Immoral”) for after we get the format and production down pat. But the first episode should be controversial enough:

Evolution—Fact in biology, fiction in psychology. Description: both Right and Left are wrong about evolution. Harry Binswanger clarifies the status of the theory and of the field of “evolutionary psychology.”

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