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Ayn Rand’s Lectures

Philosophy: Who Needs It (March 1974)
The crucial importance of philosophy.

Introducing Objectivism

The Objectivist Ethics
Are values an objective necessity—or merely a dispensable social convention?

Rand’s review of John Herman Randall’s book Aristotle.

Art in Education
The role of art in the development of a “sense of life.”

The Brain Drain
Why the men of ability flee collectivism.

Capitalism vs. Communism (Video)
Reason vs. mysticism.

“Conflicts” of Men’s Interests
Why the interests of rational men do not clash.

Conservatism: An Obituary
Why conservatives are an impediment to laissez-faire capitalism.

Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World
Why mysticism is altruism’s precondition, and why dictatorship is its product.

The Fascist New Frontier
The similarities between the Kennedy government and the fascist states of Europe.

The Foreign Policy of a Mixed Economy
How foreign aid expands a mixed economy’s warfare to an international arena.

“Let Us Alone!”
Three articles from her Los Angeles Times column: “Let Us Alone,” “The Cold Civil War,” and “The Man-Haters.”

The Money-Making Personality
Qualities required for entrepreneurial success.

Our Esthetic Vacuum
What modern art is and what it reveals about today’s culture.

Rebellion at Columbia
The aims of the New Left and the appeasement of campus thugs by university officials.

The Sanction of the Victims (Video)
Ayn Rand’s final public talk where she exhorts a group of businessmen to stop apologizing, and stop supporting anti-capitalist institutions.

Today’s Intellectual State
Republican appeasement of liberals in the 1940, 1952 and 1968 elections.


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