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Ayn Rand on Mandatory Vaccines and Quarantines

In a Q&A session after Ayn Rand’s lecture “America’s Persecuted Minority: Big Business” in 1963, Ayn Rand’s indicated her opposition to government-mandated vaccinations and support for quarantining individuals infected with a contagious disease that can physically damage others: “Now, requiring inoculation against disease: should this be a job for the government? Most definitely not and there is a very simple answer for it. If it is medically proved that a certain inoculation is in fact practical and desirable, those who want it will take that inoculation. Now if some people do not see it that way—do not agree or don’t… Read More »Ayn Rand on Mandatory Vaccines and Quarantines

Enjoy Parenting with Lisa VanDamme

Lisa VanDamme has an inspiring passion about the value-oriented raising of children and their education. Ayn Rand Centre UK is delighted to announce that she will join them for a weekly show on parenting, starting this Thursday at 7 pm UK time (2 pm Eastern). Also a great listen: Rethinking Education.

Objectivism Q&A September 2021: Live from OCON

In this episode of New Ideal Live, recorded live at the 2021 Objectivist Summer Conference in Austin, Texas, philosophers Onkar Ghate, Ben Bayer, Mike Mazza and Aaron Smith answer questions about Objectivism from the audience. Topics covered: • Whether philosophy requires specialized knowledge (e.g. about historical events); • Why Ayn Rand thought that determinism is “incoherent” and not just “false”; • Whether the existence of free will can be proven with a scientific method; • Whether “greed” is a valid concept; • Why John Galt and not Hugh Akston led the strike in Atlas Shrugged; • Whether there’s been progress… Read More »Objectivism Q&A September 2021: Live from OCON

Leonard Peikoff Presents “Viennese Operetta: My Virtual Reality

Serious values in a fun world Dr. Leonard Peikoff, author of Objectivism The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, The Cause of Hiter’s Germany, and many other books, lectures, and courses, discusses the essential features of Viennese operetta, including story, music, philosophic meaning, and the unique integration of this art form: serious values in a fun world. This talk was given live on Saturday, July 31, 2021, at the Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel in Newport Beach, California.

HBTV: A New Weekly Series

From Harry Binswanger at HBL: [The] Ayn Rand Centre of the UK is launching what we hope will be the first of a new weekly series, “HBTV.” It’s aimed at those unfamiliar with Ayn Rand and Objectivism. I.e., for “the top of the funnel,” if you know that metaphor. The idea is to let my inner contrarian out, and be as provocative and challenging as I want. I’m saving the best ideas for episodes (like “God is Immoral”) for after we get the format and production down pat. But the first episode should be controversial enough: Evolution—Fact in biology, fiction… Read More »HBTV: A New Weekly Series

Ayn Rand on Freedom of Speech

What is the proper meaning of “freedom of speech”? What does a right of free speech protect for the person who has it—and what obligations does it place on others? Are “Big Tech” companies and publishers guilty of censorship when they refuse to publish certain views? Ayn Rand explains.  

Harry Binswanger: Why Publicly Debate?

Philosopher Harry Binswanger makes this important point in his latest HB Letter: “The point of a debate is not to change the opponent’s mind, but to draw an audience to hear, often for the first time, radical individualist and capitalist ideas, that is: Objectivism.”

Bloomberg: Parler Reboot Is Driven by an Ayn Rand Inspired Philosopher

From Ayn Rand Devotee and Never Trumper Drives Parler’s Reboot (Bloomberg): A few years ago, a lawyer with a PhD in philosophy named Amy Peikoff appeared on Fox News and defended Inc.’s pay practices. The show’s host, Tucker Carlson, expressed disgust that some Amazon employees were collecting taxpayer-funded food stamps at a time when the company’s founder, Jeff Bezos, was the world’s richest man. But Peikoff said the problem wasn’t Amazon or Bezos, but the commonly accepted idea that the federal government should provide food assistance to people struggling to make ends meet. “If it’s wrong for taxpayers to pay his labor… Read More »Bloomberg: Parler Reboot Is Driven by an Ayn Rand Inspired Philosopher

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