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Flipkart CEO on The Influence of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead

From Flipkart CEO on Big Billion Days: It is not about discounts but about giving the best value to customer – Krishnamurthy wants to chart a different path from Jeff Bezos’. Amazon is all about service: selection, price, and speed. Flipkart wants to play on value. “We pivoted the company over value versus service, which was a difficult proposition, but we did it,” he said, without commenting on Amazon, or any other competitors. His conviction to do things comes from a book he read when he was young – Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. “I was influenced in my early days, and even now… Read More »Flipkart CEO on The Influence of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead

“Fluff” and “Cubbyhole”: Ayn Rand’s Celebration of Christmas

New Ideal has an delightful article by Jeff Britting about Christmas at the O’Connors’: How Ayn Rand Celebrated:   To celebrate Christmas, [New Ideal] asked Jeff Britting, former curator of the Ayn Rand Archives, to supply us with images and text from an article he wrote that originally appeared in the Ayn Rand Institute’s newsletter, Impact, in 2010. The article was devoted to anecdotes about Christmas visits, letters from Ayn Rand’s family in Russia about Christmas, images of Rand and her husband, Frank O’Connor, at Christmas and Christmas cards she and Frank gave and received (some with their pet names for each other, “Fluff”… Read More »“Fluff” and “Cubbyhole”: Ayn Rand’s Celebration of Christmas

Ayn Rand Institute Names Tal Tsfany As New CEO

The Ayn Rand Institute (ARI), the leading center for the advancement of Objectivism, today announced that its board of directors has unanimously chosen Tal Tsfany as the organization’s next president and chief executive officer (CEO). Tsfany, who currently serves as a consultant, will succeed Jim Brown, the current president and CEO, on June 29. “Jim Brown is a significant supporter of ARI, and he took on the role as CEO in 2016 with the proviso that he would help find a long-term CEO within three years,” said Yaron Brook, ARI’s chairman of the board. “Tal had been interested in the ARI… Read More »Ayn Rand Institute Names Tal Tsfany As New CEO

Cal Ripken: Captivated by Ayn Rand’s Philosophy

From Into it: Cal Ripken – We asked the baseball ‘iron man’ and motivational speaker what he’s watching, reading, and listening to. Reading? A lot of business books, including Jack Welch’s Winning. When you first start going on speaking tours, you find that the values you’re aspiring to are shared by other people, but they communicate them differently. So books like that give you some perspective. I read Sports Business Journal and The Wall Street Journal – I know the value of being current. I also revisit The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand, regularly. I’m captivated by the philosophy, the concept… Read More »Cal Ripken: Captivated by Ayn Rand’s Philosophy

Ayn Rand Is Not Coming to the White House, but Donald Trump Sure Could Use Her

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Washington Post recently stated that several of Donald Trump’s appointees are fans of Ayn Rand, the novelist-philosopher most famous for her 1957 best-seller Atlas Shrugged. “It’s a testament to Ayn Rand’s impact that a president can’t fill a cabinet with successful business leaders without including people who’ve been inspired and influenced by Rand’s heroic depiction of entrepreneurs and innovators,” says Ayn Rand Institute senior fellow Onkar Ghate, author of the essay “One Small Step for Dictatorship: The Significance of Donald Trump’s Election.” Ghate goes on to note that it’s important to keep in… Read More »Ayn Rand Is Not Coming to the White House, but Donald Trump Sure Could Use Her

Coronary Heart Surgery at Under $2000 A Pop in India

From Heart Surgery in India for $1,583 Costs $106,385 in U.S. – Bloomberg Business: Devi Shetty is obsessed with making heart surgery affordable for millions of Indians. On his office desk are photographs of two of his heroes: Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. Shetty is not a public health official motivated by charity. He’s a heart surgeon turned businessman who has started a chain of 21 medical centers around India. By trimming costs with such measures as buying cheaper scrubs and spurning air-conditioning, he has cut the price of artery-clearing coronary bypass surgery to 95,000 rupees ($1,583), half of what… Read More »Coronary Heart Surgery at Under $2000 A Pop in India

Obama’s Agenda

From Don Watkins at Voices for Reason | The Ayn Rand Institute: For Obama, the government’s role is to set our goals, determine our priorities, and centrally plan our lives so that we achieve these priorities. […] Obama’s agenda comes down to taking a bunch of money from us, directing it to purposes he thinks we should value, and using the power of government to coerce individuals and businesses to act in the way he thinks they should act. […] Is that really a worldview consistent with the founding ideals? [Sorry Obama, We Aren’t Family]

Onkar Ghate: Freedom of Speech: We Will Not Cower

Professor Onkar Ghate at The Ayn Rand Institute: as an excellent op-ed on “Freedom of Speech” in wake of the murder of the French Cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo: When foreign governments, religious leaders and their faithful followers threaten and murder individuals for daring to speak, anyone who values his own life and freedom must stand with, and speak for, the victims. We call on everyone to post and publicize the content that these totalitarians do not want us to see, as we are doing here. It does not matter whether you agree or disagree with the particular book, cartoon or… Read More »Onkar Ghate: Freedom of Speech: We Will Not Cower

Trader Joe’s Shrugs Atlas Style in Orgeon

From an editorial in The Orange County Register: The successful efforts of a community activist group to scuttle a planned Trader Joe’s development in an economically distressed neighborhood of Northeast Portland, Ore., illustrates the depths to which ideologues will go under the deceptive banners of racial justice and economic fairness. On paper, it seemed to be a match made in heaven: the famously progressive city of Portland and Trader Joe’s, with its emphasis on organic, non-GMO food, locally sourced goods and animal- and environmentally-conscious sensibilities. But that was not enough for the Portland African American Leadership Forum. The group’s reasoning… Read More »Trader Joe’s Shrugs Atlas Style in Orgeon

Ayn Rand’s Influence on Today’s Political Landscape

Don Watkins has an excellent piece on Rand’s influence on today’s political landscape: Rand has helped many people see that something has gone wrong in America. But they haven’t yet understood the source of the problem or Rand’s radical solution. A political movement truly shaped by Rand’s ideas would not flinch, as Republicans and Tea Partiers do, from charges that it is the mouthpiece of the rich and the mean-spirited. It would declare that it is a movement for all producers, proudly embracing the innovative rich, the ambitious poor, and everyone in between. If you earn your wealth through production… Read More »Ayn Rand’s Influence on Today’s Political Landscape

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