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OCON 2005 Lectures and Panels

This year’s Objectivist Summer Conference 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina features and outstanding lineup of talks and lecturers, including the return of some of our favorite lecturers.

From Objectivist Summer Conference 2015 – Talks and Panels

  • C. Bradley Thompson: The Abolitionist Movement and Its Lessons for Today
  • John Allison: The Leadership Crisis and the Free-Market Cure
  • Andrew Bernstein: Objectivism versus Kantianism in The Fountainhead and Black Innovators and Entrepreneurs under Capitalism
  • Eric Daniels: From “Sputnik” to the Internet: Real Solutions for Reforming Science Education
  • Onkar Ghate: “Charlie Hebdo”, the West and the Need to Ridicule Religion
  • Peter Schwartz: Defining Basic Moral Concepts and Principles and Anti-Principles in Ethics (advanced talk)
  • George Selgin:Money Under Laissez-Faire andThe Destabilizing Consequences of Central Banking
  • Amesh Adalja: Infectious Diseases and National Security
  • Rituparna Basu: Understanding the Arguments for Universal Health Care
  • Michael S. Berliner: How Music Saved a Life: Ayn Rand and Operetta
  • John Dennis: Making Decisions in Context
  • Ray Girn: LePort Schools Information Session
  • Gena Gorlin: Battling Depression and Anxiety: Insights from Moral Philosophy and Clinical Science and The Science of Self-Control: What We Can (and Cannot) Learn from Contemporary Psychologists
  • Elan Journo: The Jihadist Movement and The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
  • Ryan Krause: In Defense of Monopolies: How Antitrust Criminalizes Business Strategy
  • Andrew Lewis: Magna Carta and Its 800-Year Legacy
  • Keith Lockitch:Climate Change and Ideology
  • Shoshana Milgram: Moral Self-Defense: How-To Advice from Ayn Rand and Filming “The Fountainhead”: Ayn Rand’s First Plan
  • Jean Moroney: Aligning Your Subconscious Values with Your Conscious Convictions and Fueling Achievement with Objectivist Values
  • Adam Mossoff: Life, Liberty and Intellectual Property: Why IP Rights Are Fundamental Property Rights
  • Gregory Salmieri:Epistemology and Justice in the Age of Social Media
  • Thomas Shoebotham:The Legacy of Beethoven,Schumann and Musical Poetry,Chopin, the Bel Canto Pianist,Mendelssohn: Classicizing Romanticism,Berlioz: The Symphony Reimagined, and Liszt and the Virtuoso Tradition
  • Steve Simpson: Free Speech Under Siege
  • Aaron Smith:Benevolence, Goodwill and the Rationally Selfish Life
  • Tara Smith: How Does Objectivity Apply to the Law? and Constitutionalism–the Backbone of Objective Law
  • Don Watkins: How to Think about Inequality

and the following panels…

  • ARI’s Accomplishments in Its First 30 Years
  • Financial Matters
  • Life Extension in Our Lifetimes
  • Running Topic-Specific Centers
  • Admiring Ayn Rand in Hollywood

Ayn Rand Influenced Professor Trounces “Conservative” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Who is Dave Brat? According to the The Washington Post Capitalism and ethics drive Brat’s world view.

Clearly he is not Objectivist. But he is a welcome step in the moral direction.

From Dave Brat Runs A $500,000 Program To Push Ayn Rand’s Ideas At College:

The program was started by the Branch Banking and Trust Company (BB&T), a North Carolina-based financial services company which currently boasts $184.7 billion in assets. The ideas behind the program were laid out in 2012 in an essay written by former BB&T CEO John Allison.

“About twelve years ago we re-examined our charitable giving and realized that our contributions to universities were not typically being used in our shareholders’ best interest,” Allison wrote in the essay, which was published online by The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy. “At the same time, we were studying the question of why the United States had moved from the land of ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ to the ‘redistributive state.’ We became convinced that the reason for this transformation was that the Left had taken over the universities and educated future leaders, including teachers, in statist/collectivist ideas.”


OCON 2014: Some Incredible Talks By Some Amazing Speakers

The talks and courses for OCON 2014 include some incredible speakers:

  • AYN RAND: Ayn Rand: A Writer Is Born; Shoshana Milgram
  • AYN RAND: Atlas Shrugged and America; C. Bradley Thompson
  • ACTIVISM: What Everyone Can Do to Promote Freedom; Andrew Bernstein
  • ARTS: Romanticism vs. Naturalism and Classicism; Tore Boeckmann
  • ARTS: Joan of Arc: Schiller and Ayn Rand; Shoshana Milgram
  • ECONOMICS: Free Banking and the Fed; George Selgin
  • EDUCATION: The Self-Made Child: Maria Montessori’s Philosophy of Education; Ray Girn
  • ETHICS: How to Be an Impassioned Valuer; Andrew Bernstein
  • ETHICS: What Are We Cheering? Sport and the Value of Valuing; Tara Smith
  • FOREIGN POLICY: The Virtue of Selfishness in Foreign Policy; Elan Journo
  • HEALTH CARE: Individualism and Collectivism in Health Care; Rituparna Basu
  • HISTORY: World War I; Andrew Lewis (COURSE)
  • HISTORY: From Zeus to the Prime Mover: A Very Short History of Greek Theology; Jason Rheins
  • LAW: Privacy, Security and the Law; Amy Peikoff
  • LAW: Term Limits for Patents and Copyrights: An Explanation and Justification; Adam Mossoff
  • POLITICS: Understanding Government Corruption; Steve Simpson
  • POLITICS: Social Security; Don Watkins
  • POLITICS: Policy Controversies and Moral Individualism; Keith Lockitch
  • PHILOSOPHY: Introduction to Ayn Rand’s Philosophy, Objectivism; Onkar Ghate and Keith Lockitch
  • PHILOSOPHY: Ayn Rand’s Sacred Atheism; Robert Mayhew
  • PHILOSOPHY: Thinking Objectively; Gregory Salmieri
  • PHILOSOPHY: Self-Interest Rightly Understood; C. Bradley Thompson
  • PSYCHOLOGY: Free Will vs. Neuroscience; Edwin A. Locke
  • SCIENCE: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO); Amanda Maxham (COURSE)
  • SCIENCE: Being an Objective Consumer of Science; Gregory Salmieri
  • SCIENCE: Was the Universe Created? The Debate—From Plato and Aristotle to Today; Jason Rheins

Panels and Workshops include:

  • Ayn Rand and the New Atheists; Onkar Ghate, Robert Mayhew
  • Current Legal Issues and Controversies;  Paul Beard, Amy Peikoff, Steve Simpson
  • Entitlement State vs. the Young
  • Microsoft and Antitrust; Yaron Brook
  • Q & A on Objectivism
  • Unions and Business Regulations; Doug Altner
  • Writing from an Objectivist Perspective
  • The Fundamental Challenge of K-12 Education
  • The Rule of Law in America
  • Living Objectivism
  • Objectivism Is Radical
  • Objectivism in Business
  • Today’s Issues in Foreign Policy and International Trade

Learn more about the conference here.

BOOK: Teaching Johnny to Think: A Philosophy of Education Based on the Principles of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism


Dr. Peikoff makes a compelling case for a rational system of education by contrasting three schools of philosophy and the different educational alternatives they propose to replace our present system. He translates the usual abstract discussions in this field into material easily comprehensible to the reader. In the process, he defines a proper methodology and curriculum that will produce thinking high school graduates confident of their ability to achieve their goals.

Leonard Peikoff is the preeminent Rand scholar writing today. He worked closely with Ayn Rand in New York City for thirty years and was designated by her as heir to her estate. He has taught philosophy at several places, including Hunter College and New York University. Dr. Peikoff is the author of The DIM Hypothesis: Why the Lights of the West Are Going Out, The Ominous Parallels, and Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand. He grew up in Western Canada and now lives in Southern California.

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