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Dr. Ellen Kenner
Licensed clinical psychologist; Host of the syndicated radio show, The Rational Basis of Happiness; co-author of The Selfish Path to Romance—How to Love with Passion and Reason with Dr. Edwin Locke.

Edwin A. Locke
Internationally known for his research on goal setting. A survey found that Locke’s goal-setting theory (developed with G. Latham) was ranked #1 in importance among 73 management theories.

Jean Binswanger: Thinking Directions
How to use targeted thinking to solve problems faster, make better decisions, and get projects finished.

Edith Packer
Her book Lectures on Psychology: A Guide to Understanding Your Emotions is a must-read. You can read her husband’s moving tribute to her here.

Gena Gorlin: Art & Science of Self-Creation
Inspire and empower individuals to define and become who they want to be. This includes helping them navigate the psychological, social, and practical challenges that self-creation entails.

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