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The Objectivist Newsletter (1962–66)
The Objectivist Newsletter was produced from January 1962 to December 1965 (when it converted to magazine format under the title The Objectivist). This 224-page volume reproduces the entire contents of each issue.”

The Objectivist (1966–71)
“Here are 69 issues of a monthly journal on the theory and application of Objectivism. This 1,120-page volume covers a fascinating range of issues — from a radical analysis of the nature of concepts to a piercing description of life for dissidents in Soviet Russia, from an examination of the requirements of mental health to an intriguing explanation of why Calumet “K” was Ayn Rand’s favorite novel.”

The Ayn Rand Letter (1971–76)
“Why did Ayn Rand say that “the pre-condition of inflation is psycho-epistemological”? What philosophical lessons did she draw from America’s disastrous involvement in Vietnam? Her superlative ability to untangle the intellectual significance of world events is displayed in full force in this 400-page volume.”

The Objectivist Forum  (1980-1987)
The Objectivist Forum was a 16-page, bimonthly journal of ideas published from February 1980 through December 1987. Ayn Rand helped establish this journal and served as its philosophic consultant until her death in 1982. Harry Binswanger was Editor; Leonard Peikoff served as Consulting Editor.

New Ideal (2018-present)
New Ideal explores pressing cultural issues from the perspective of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. Features writings by prominent Objectivist philosophers and writers.

Objective Standard (2005-present)
Founded in 2005, TOS publishes a quarterly journal and a weekly newsletter.

The Intellectual Activist (1979-1999)


Capitalism Magazine (1991-present)
Online magazine since 1991 publishing articles from a pro-capitalist perspective. Not strictly Objectivist.

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