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The Intellectual Activist (TIA) Robert Stubblefield Years (1991-1999) — Classic Editor


JANUARY 1999, VOL 13 NO 1
  • The Self-Destruction of the Republican Party by Robert Tracinski and Nicholas Provenzo
  • Short Notes
  • Book Review: Why Microsoft Deserves a Moral Defense.
  • The Microsoft Way by Randall Stross, Reviewed by Jason Crawford
  • Ancient Greece: Atlantis Found and Lost, Part 3 of 3, by Gary Hull
FEBRUARY 1999, VOL 13 NO 2
  • Clinton’s Foreign Policy Vacumn by Robert Tracinski
  • Short Notes
  • A Picture is Not an Argument by Leonard Peikoff
MARCH 1999, VOL 13 NO 3
  • Short-Circuiting the Third Rail by Robert Tracinski
  • Short Notes
  • Reclaiming Education, Part I by Lisa Von Damme
APRIL 1999, VOL 13 NO 4
  • Politicizing Crime by Robert Tracinski
  • Short Notes
  • Reclaiming Education, Part II by Lisa Von Damme
MAY 1999, VOL 13 NO 5
  • America’s Foreign Policy Vacumn by Robert Tracinski
  • Short Notes
  • Protecting the Outdoors–from the Environmentalists by Heike Berthold
  • Heroes and Heroe Worship–Shane by Jack Schaefer by Andrew Bernstein
JUNE 1999, VOL 13 NO 6
  • Guest Editorial – China’s No. 1 Enemy By Robert Kagan
  • Short Notes
  • Book Reviews-An Education in Nihilism: Losing Our Language by Sandra Stotsky
  • The Shadow University by Alan C. Kors and Harvey R. Silverglate
  • Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution by Ayn Rand, edited by Peter Schwartz. Reviewed by Andrew Hazlett
  • Explosions in the Cultural Vacuum By Robert Tracinski

AUGUST 1999, VOL 13 NO 8

  • Excerpts from The Art of Fiction By Ayn Rand
  • Short Notes
  • Movie Review of “Stealing Heaven” by Dina Schein Garmong
  • Announcements

OCTOBER 1999, VOL 13 NO 10

  • Bill Gates’s $100 Billion Sanction By Robert W. Tracinski
  • Intellectual Activism and Changing the Culture: An Interview with Peter Schwartz
  • Altruism’s War on Reality By Robert W. Tracinski

NOVEMBER 1999, Vol 13, No 11

  • “Compassionate” Socialism: The Ideology of George W. Bush By Andrew Lewis
  • Short Notes
  • Psycho-Epistemology and Style in Narrative Painting By Lee Sandstead
  • Mars or Bust: Robert Zubrin and the Mars Society By Ronald Pisaturo


JANUARY 1998, VOL 12 NO 1

  • An Institution of Reason by Robert Stubblefield
  • The Justice Department’s War on Innovation by Robert Tracinski
  • Book Reviews: Man The Resource Creator, The Intellectual Liquidators
FEBRUARY 1998, VOL 12 NO 2
  • Special Section: The Kyoto Protocol
  • Industrial Civilization in the Balance by Robert W. Tracinski
  • The Distorted World of the Climate Models by Gene Barth
  • Kant at Kyoto by Glenn Woiceshyn
  • Egalitarian Barbie by Heike Berthold
MARCH 1998, VOL 12 NO 3
  • Atilla Invites The Witch Doctor To Cuba by Glenn Woiceshyn
  • Second Hand Foreign Policy by Robert W. Tracinski
  • Interview with ABC’s John Stossel by Scott Holleran
  • Romanticism Without Values (Titantic) by Robert W. Tracinski
APRIL 1998, VOL 12 NO 4
  • Suicidal Pragmatism in Silicon Valley by Robert W. Tracinski
  • Architecture and Sense of Life by Sherri R. Tracinski
MAY 1998, VOL 12 NO 5
  • The Real Meaning of Volunteerism by Scott A. McConnell
  • Experiences in Academia: An interview with Darryl Wright by Robert Tracinski
  • Villainy: An analysis of the nature of evil by Andrew Bernstein
JUNE 1998, VOL 12 NO 6
  • Intellectual Ammunition Department: Ted Kaczynski by Robert W. Tracinski
  • Short Notes
  • Villainy: An analysis of the nature of evil (Part II) by Andrew Bernstein
JULY 1998, VOL 12 NO 7
  • The Pacifist Assault on India by Jack Wakeland
  • Short Notes
  • America’s Foreign Policy Surrender to China by Robert Tracinski
  • Ayn Rand Answers a Question on Abortion by Ayn Rand
  • The Fate of America’s National Idea by Robert Tracinski
AUGUST 1998, VOL 12 NO 8
  • Editorial The “Partial-Birth Abortion” Trap by Robert Tracinski
  • Short Notes
  • The Soul of a Champion: An Open Letter to Michael Jordan by Andrew Bernstein
  • Style and Psycho-Epistemology in Painting by Lee Sandstead
  • Editorial: The Nativist Assault on America by Robert Tracinski
  • Short Notes
  • A Monument to the Death of Literature by Edward Cline
  • Mathematics in One Lesson, Part I of II by Ronald Pisaturo
OCTOBER 1998, VOL 12 NO 10
  • Editorial: The Betrayal of America by Robert Tracinski
  • Short Notes
  • Mathematics in One Lesson, Part II of II by Ronald Pisaturo
NOVEMBER 1998, VOL 12 NO 11
  • Editorial: Islam vs. the West by Robert Tracinski
  • Short Notes
  • Excerpts from Return of the Primitive by Peter Scwartz
  • Ancient Greece: Atlantis Found and Lost, Part I of II by Gary Hull
DECEMBER 1998, VOL 12 NO 12
  • The Global Turn to the Left: An Interview with Richard M. Salsman by Robert Tracinski
  • Short Notes
  • Ancient Greece: Atlantis Found and Lost, Part II of II by Gary Hull


JANUARY 1997, VOL 11 NO 1

  • The Soldier’s Sanction by Robert Tracinski
  • Ontario’s War on Doctors by Greg Shoom
  • Notes on The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
  • The Myth of Scarcity script for Leonard Peikoff Show by Andrew Lewis

MARCH 1997, VOL 11 NO 2

  • The Evasion Behind the Balanced Budget Amendment by Robert Tracinski
  • Notes on The Fountainhead from Ayn Rand’s Journals
  • “Stakeholder Capitalism” by Elan Journo
  • A Country of Giants by Andrew Bernstein

MAY 1997, VOL 11 NO 3

  • Campaign Finance Reform by Robert Tracinski
  • The Cross and the Curve by Richard Salsman
  • Art vs. Commerce by Robert Tracinski

JULY 1997, VOL 11 NO 4

  • ARI’s Anti-Servitude Petition
  • The “Mystery” of Heaven’s Gate by Leonard Peikoff
  • The Fed vs. Prosperity, Interview with Richard Salsman
  • The Missing Defense of Thomas Jefferson by Robert Tracinski
  • Outrage and Justice, interview with Vincent Bugliosi


  • The Hong Kong Illusion by Robert Tracinski
  • Counterfeit Consensus, Interview with Fred Singer
  • Foreword to Journals of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff
  • The Rule of the Zero by Robert Tracinski

NOVEMBER 1997, VOL 11 NO 6

  • Editorial: The Price of Pragmatism by Robert Tracinski
  • Special Section on Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life: Directed by Michael Paxton
  • Movie Review by Lee Sandstead
  • An Interview with Michael Paxton by Scott Holleran


JANUARY 1996, VOL 10 NO 1

  • Bring Them Home from Bosnia by Robert Stubblefield
  • Hands Off the Internet by Paul Blair
  • While Rome Burns: The Immolation of Medicine by Paul Blair
  • Marginalia by Lisa Waldman
  • The Academic Deconstruction of Ayn Rand by John Ridpath

MARCH 1996, VOL 10 NO 2

  • CNN: “Objectivity” vs. Reality by Paul Blair
  • The Flat-Tax Diversion–Again by Robert Stubblefield
  • Ayn Rand’s Letters to-the-Editor
  • Q&A from the Objectivist Graduate Center by Harry Binswanger

MAY 1996, VOL 10 NO 3

  • Downsizing: NYT’s Problem; TIA’s Solution by Robert Stubblefield
  • The “Incremental” Assault on Health Care by Paul Blair
  • Cherryl’s Suicide by Shoshana Milgram
  • Why They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To by Robert Tracinski

JULY 1996, VOL 10 NO 4

  • Terrorism in Israel by Yaron Brook
  • Concerning an Ayn Rand Postage Stamp by Robert Tracinski
  • A Philosopher Looks at the O.J. Verdict by Leonard Peikoff
  • Cherryl’s Suicide Part II by Shoshana Milgram


  • Why Clinton-Dole? by Leonard Peikoff
  • Four More Years–of Gridlock by Robert Tracinski
  • Confronting China: Pragmatism vs. Practicality by Paul Blair
  • A Down Payment on Justice for Michael Milken by Glenn Woiceshyn

NOVEMBER 1996, VOL 10 NO 6

  • Censorship by Proxy by Robert Tracinski
  • The War for Science by Robert Tracinski
  • Objectivity v. Afrocentrism by Robert Mayhew
  • Confronting China: Pragmatism vs. Practicality, Conclusion by Paul Blair


JANUARY 1995, VOL 9 NO 1

  • Selections from Ayn Rand’s Correspondence
  • The Gold Standard: Scapegoat for the Great Depression by Richard Salsman

MARCH 1995, VOL 9 NO 2

  • Selections from Ayn Rand’s Correspondence, (Part II)
    “Free-Market” Fascism by Robert Tracinski

MAY 1995, VOL 9 NO 3

  • Ayn Rand’s Marginalia: A Sampler
  • Antitrust “Returns” with a Vengeance by Richard Salsman
  • The Worm and the Spider by Edward Cline

JULY 1995, VOL 9 NO 4

  • How Johnny Can Add: Objectivism in Teaching Mathematics by Warren S. Ross
  • Book Review: An Integrated Case for the Gold Standard: by Robert Garmong
  • Intellectual Ammunition Department: How Does One Judge Political
  • Reform in a Mixed Economy? by Robert W. Tracinski


  • What to Do About Crime by Leonard Peikoff
  • Book Review: An Intimate View of a Titan by Dina Garmong


  • From Ayn Rand’s Journals: The Moral Basis of Individualism
  • Peikoff on the Simpson Verdict


JANUARY 1994, VOL 8 NO 1

  • “Memory-Storing” Epistemology by Ayn Rand
  • The Population and Immigration Questions by George Reisman
  • Intellectual Ammunition Department: Infants, Fetuses, and the Right to Life by Robert Stubblefield

MARCH 1994, VOL 8 NO 2

  • An Interview with Edith Packer on Psycho-therapy
  • A Call to the Barricades: Freedom in Medicine by Linda Reardan

MAY 1994, VOL 8 NO 3

  • In Defense of Advertising: The Nature of Taste and Good Taste by Jerry Kirkpatrick
  • An Interview with Edith Packer on Psycho-therapy (Part II)

JULY 1994, VOL 8 NO 4

  • The Foundations of Mathematics, by Ronald Pisaturo and Glenn Marcus
  • The Price of “Free” Health Care, by Cristina Rizza


  • The Foundations of Mathematics (Part II), by Ronald Pisaturo and Glenn Marcus
  • How Force Stops Thinking by Gary Hull


  • Modernism and Madness, by Leonard Peikoff
  • Intellectual Ammunition Department: What Is the Meaning of Life by Bennett Karp


JANUARY 1993, VOL 7 NO 1

  • Notes on Scene in Roark’s Apartment by Ayn Rand
  • Freedom of Opportunity, Not Equality of Opportunity (Part II) by George Reisman
  • Pragmatism and the Harvard Case Method of Business Education (Part II) by Jerry Kirkpatrick

MARCH 1993, VOL 7 NO 2

  • Happiness Skills, by Edith Packer
  • On the Barricade of Free Speech, by Linda Reardan

MAY 1993, VOL 7 NO 3

  • Contemporary Philosophy: A Report from the Black Hole, by Gary Hull
  • Happiness Skills (Part II), by Edith Packer

JULY 1993, VOL 7 NO 4

  • Contemporary Philosophy: A Report from the Black Hole (Part II), by Gary Hull
  • Conscious vs. Subconscious Motivation in Literature, by Tore Boeckmann
  • Peikoff on Bosnia


  • Conscious vs. Subconscious Motivation in Literature (Part II), by Tore Boeckmann
  • Sustaining the Assault on Development, by Bennett Karp
  • Riesman on Clinton’s Budget


  • Notes on the Thomas Committee, by Ayn Rand
  • Sustaining the Assault on Development (Part II), by Bennett Karp
  • A Postscript on Post-Modernism, by Gary Hull


JANUARY 1992, VOL 6 NO 1

  • From Ayn Rand’s Notes for Atlas Shrugged
  • What Is Objective Law? by Harry Binswanger

MARCH 1992, VOL 6 NO 2

  • Philosophy and the Real World Out There by Leonard Peikoff
  • Global Warming: All Smoke and No Heat by Richard F. Sanford

MAY 1992, VOL 6 NO 3

  • Philosophy and the Real World Out There (Part II) by Leonard Peikoff
  • A Brief Against “Mandatory Pro Bono” by Michael J. Mazzone

JULY 1992, VOL 6 NO 4

  • Some Notes About Tomorrow by Leonard Peikoff
  • Love Letters: A Note on the Screenplay by Bill Bucko


  • Some Notes About Tomorrow (Part II) by Leonard Peikoff
    Man’s Best Came With Columbus by Michael S. Berliner
  • An Answer by Ayn Rand About Indians
  • Rational Readings on Environmental Concerns Book Reviewed by Jefferson Ridpath


  • Freedom of Equality, Not Equality of Opportunity by George Reisman
  • Pragmatism and the Harvard Case Method of Business Education by Jerry Kirkpatrick


MAY 18, 1989, VOLUME 5, NO. 1

  • Fact and Value by Leonard Peikoff
  • On Moral Sanctions
  • Short Notes

JULY 17, 1989, VOLUME 5, NO. 2

  • The Value of the Flag
  • Flag-burning and individual rights
  • The Collapse of Building, part 1 by Gary Hull
  • Short Notes

NOVEMBER 17, 1989, VOLUME 5, NO. 3

  • Voluntary Servitude
  • The Collapse of Building, part 2 by Gary Hull
  • Short Notes

APRIL 30, 1990, VOLUME 5, NO. 4

  • Lithuania’s Plight
  • The betrayal of Lithuania for the sake of Soviet “stability.”
  • The Rushdie Surrender
  • Short Notes

OCTOBER 17, 1990, VOLUME 5, NO. 5

  • Missing Principles on Iraq
  • Breaking the Banks by Richard Salsman
  • Short Notes

AUGUST 30, 1991, VOLUME 5, NO. 6

  • A Final Announcement
  • U.S. Interests and the Persian Gulf
  • Concept-Formation Theory: Who Needs It by Linda Reardan
  • Short Notes


  • Introductory Sequence to Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff
  • Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff, Reviewed by Harry Binswanger
  • A Statement from the Publisher by Robert Stubblefield

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