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Science & Technology

Ayn Rand eStore Science Lectures
Some popular lectures include: Aristotle as Scientist: A Proper Verdict, Charles Darwin: More than “Just a Theorist”, and Selected Topics in the Philosophy of Science .

Falling Apple Science Institute
Falling Apple Science Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving science education. We are developing an inductive way to learn science, which we believe is key to inspiring creativity, confidence, and independent thought. Good read: Teaching Science Inductively.

The Logical Leap: Induction in Physics
Inspired by and expanding on a series of lectures by Leonard Peikoff, David Harriman presents a fascinating answer to the problem of induction – that is, the epistemological question of how we know the truth of inductive generalizations.

Roots of Progress
Story of human progress—and how we can keep it going. The Roots of Progress is a blog about the history of technology & industry, and more generally the story of human progress.

Tracking Zebra
Infectious disease, politics, healthcare, and related topics by Dr. Amesh Adalja.

Mathematics Is About The World
“What is mathematics about? Is there a mathematical universe glimpsed by a mathematical intuition? Or is mathematics an arbitrary game of symbols, with no inherent meaning, that somehow finds application to life on earth? Robert Knapp holds, on the contrary, that mathematics is about the world.”

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