Blogs & Publications


Dollars & Crosses
Musings on politics and culture from a pro-capitalist perspective.

Objective Science
Posts on scientific topics of interest to Objectivists.

Roots of Progress
Story of human progress—and how we can keep it going.

Tracking Zebra
Infectious disease, politics, healthcare, and related topics by Dr. Amesh Adalja.

Thinking Directions
How to use targeted thinking to solve problems faster, make better decisions, and get projects finished. They use her tactics to be smarter about achieving their goals.

Value for Value (HBL)
Blog for Philosopher Harry Binswanger, author of How We Know.


Objective Standard
A quarterly print journal that features a wide variety of articles by prominent Objectivists and non-Objectivists.

New Ideal
New Ideal explores pressing cultural issues from the perspective of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. Features writings by prominent Objectivist philosophers and writers.


Objectivism Online
Popular online discussion forum.


Cause of Hitler’s Germany
In The Cause of Hitler’s Germany—previously published as part of his 1982 book The Ominous Parallels—Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand’s long-time associate, demonstrates how unreason and collectivism led the seemingly civilized German society to become a Nazi regime.


Additional blogs are listed in other categories.