VanDamme Academy
From those early days of the one-room school-house to the present-day VanDamme Academy, my colleagues and I have devoted ourselves to the goal of producing students who emerge deeply educated and who love school.” Their blog is wonderful!

Read with Me
Lisa VanDamme’s book reading club that will inspire you to read the classics.

The Education Guy
Andrew Bernstein is a man on a mission to save American education.

Higher Ground

Mathematics Is About The World
“What is mathematics about? Is there a mathematical universe glimpsed by a mathematical intuition? Or is mathematics an arbitrary game of symbols, with no inherent meaning, that somehow finds application to life on earth? Robert Knapp holds, on the contrary, that mathematics is about the world.”

Montessori Education

Mystery Science

Thinking Directions

Pygmalion of the Soul
Raising Children with Exalted Ambition and Depth of Soul

Le Port Schools