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The Ayn Rand University App is here!

Download and listen to hundreds of hours of premium Objectivist content—in the car, at the gym, anywhere!

The Ayn Rand University mobile app is the most recent evolution of ARI Campus—the online learning platform developed by the Ayn Rand Institute to provide courses on Ayn Rand’s works and ideas for free to anyone around the world. Courses are searchable by topic, difficulty level and instructor. 

The Ayn Rand University mobile app features the Ayn Rand Institute’s best educational content, designed to help you better understand Ayn Rand’s works and ideas—in one highly accessible, easy-to-use and cost-free platform. It enables you to download and listen to hundreds of hours of premium Objectivist content—in the car, at the gym, anywhere!

These lecture courses given by top Objectivist intellectuals span decades. Many previously sold for hundreds of dollars each in audio format. Now complete courses are available to you—free!

Livestream AynRandCon Europe 2019 for Free

Europeans rejoice!

Ayn Rand Student Conference Europe (AynRandCon) is officially underway in Prague, the Czech Republic! This is ARI’s first ever conference in Europe and the theme is “Individualism in an Age of Tribalism.”

Even if you are not at AynRandCon, you have the opportunity to join attendees and speakers and watch all or some of the program live on the Ayn Rand Institute’s YouTube channel, beginning this Saturday, February 16 at 8:40 AM CET. (Note that Prague is on Central European Standard Time or six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.)

Some particular new talks and panels of note:

  • An Individualist Doing Business in Collectivist Europe – Mr. Christensen, co-founder of Denmark’s Saxo Bank and founder of the private equity firm Seier Capital, has had a long, successful career as an innovator in banking and finance. In this talk, he discusses some of the challenges he’s faced as a staunch individualist (indeed, an Objectivist!) doing business in collectivist Europe.
  • Panel + Q&A: Immigration and Islam
    The issue of Muslim immigration is one of the major sources of political and cultural tension in Europe today. This panel will explore the controversies over immigration and Islam and the future of Europe.
  • Tribalism in Europe’s Political Culture – Tribalism has long been a feature of Europe’s political culture and is becoming increasingly central to current developments. This talk will explore the growing tribalism in Europe’s political culture.
  • Panel + Q&A: Multiculturalism, Nationalism and Ethnicity
    Europe today is seeing an ominous resurgence of nationalist fervor as people identify more and more with regional and national groups defined by ethnicity. Has multiculturalism—which is often presented as an appreciation of, and respect for, cultural differences—actually reinforced this growing tribal conflict?of Europe.
  • Tribalism in America’s Political Culture – America’s political climate—especially in the wake of the 2016 election and the Trump presidency—is increasingly divided by tribal loyalties rather than by intellectual differences. This talk will explore the growing tribalism in America’s political culture.
  • Panel + Q&A: Capitalism, Individualism and the Welfare State – This panel will discuss the ways in which tribalism leads to the “mixed economy” welfare state—and how that political-economic system reinforces the anti-individual mindset. The result is a vicious circle of increasingly collectivist policies and an increasingly collectivist electorate that both supports and is victimized by the system.
  • Panel + Q&A: Tribalism and Freedom of Speech
    Support for the right to freedom of speech is waning as people become less interested in rational discussion of ideas and principles and more focused on exhibiting uncritical tribal loyalty. What are some of the growing threats to freedom of speech today and why is it so critical to preserve this crucial right?
  • Individualism in an Age of Tribalism – Increasingly, our culture pushes us to view ourselves as members of one group or another. What matters, we’re told, is not the choices we make or the actions we take as individuals, but our ethnicity, our gender, our nation. In this talk, we’ll explore the roots of tribalism as well as Ayn Rand’s challenge to the doctrine of collectivism and her introduction of a radical new conception of individualism.

Link: Ayn Rand Institute’s YouTube channel

Objectivist Economist Richard Salsman Tackles The Egalitarian Envy Brigade

The leading Objectivist economist, “Saysean” Richard Salsman has an excellent article in Capitalism Magazine on why “Justice Demands That We Should Celebrate Diversity in Wealth Too“.

Writes Dr. Salsman:

In most realms of life today, diversity and variety are justifiably celebrated and respected. Differences in athletic and artistic talent, for example, entail not only robust, entertaining competitions, but fanatics (“fans”) who respect, applaud, award, and handsomely compensate the winners (“stars” and “champions”) while also depriving (at least relatively) the losers.

Yet the realm of economics — of markets and commerce, business and finance, income and wealth — elicits a near-opposite response, even though it’s not, like sporting matches, a zero-sum game. In the economic realm, we observe differential talents and outcomes unequally compensated (as we should expect), but for many people, diversity and variety in this realm are disdained and envied, with predictable results: a perpetual redistribution of income and wealth by punitive taxation, stiff regulation, and periodic trust-busting. Here winners are more suspected than respected, while losers receive sympathies and subsidies.

What accounts for this rather odd anomaly?

Read the rest of Justice Demands That We Should Celebrate Diversity in Wealth Too.

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