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Ayn Rand On Immigration

From Ayn Rand Answers: What is your attitude toward immigration? Doesn’t open immigration have a negative effect on a country’s standard of living? AYN RAND: You don’t know my conception of self interest. No one has the right to pursue his self-interest by law or by force, which is what you’re suggesting. You want to forbid immigration on the grounds that it lowers your standard of living–which isn’t true, though if it were true, you’d still have no right to close the borders. You’re not entitled to any “self-interest” that injures others, especially when you can’t prove that open immigration affects your self-interest.… Read More »Ayn Rand On Immigration

Ayn Rand, Illegal Immigrant

Adam Reed on Ayn Rand, Illegal Immigrant: Ayn Rand’s 106th birthday is being celebrated today by people all over the world, including many who would (if they only could) escape the various tyrannies under which they happened to be born, people whose most burning desire is to become Americans. Her birthday is also being celebrated, incoherently, by many Americans actively engaged in keeping those would-be Americans out. Ayn Rand was an “Illegal Immigrant.” Scare quotes because, in the moral sense, it is the laws that deny, to some persons, the enjoyment of their natural individual rights solely because of the… Read More »Ayn Rand, Illegal Immigrant

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